10 thoughts on “Funny Hamster Fail – Like a dog with a bone

  1. Oh hey can you help me to make my hamsters not to fight anymore like I don't know if I should put them in two different cages?? Please replay!!

  2. How do do manage to record the video at the perfect time? Do you just leave the camera on by his cage, waiting for something exciting to happen?

  3. That Hamster Looks EXACTLY Like My Hamster Follow Me On Instagram @yeseniahernandez8 And You'll See My Hamster🐹

  4. Oh thank you for following Teemo AprilsAnimals! Teemo feels honored!
    P.S. I like you hammies =D

  5. So this is your new hamster Taco Taco the hamster of 2017. you have lost 3 hamsters now. i have one but its still living and has at least 3 years left (its a syrian)

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