Funny Hamsters At PetSmart

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Three funny hamsters I saw at PetSmart in Towson, Maryland.
The first two both want to run on the same wheel. However, at first they want to run in different directions. Next they both get it right and end up running together…..
The 3rd hamster ran for like 20 minutes straight and reminded me of that hamster on steroids.

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Funny Hamsters At PetSmart

2 thoughts on “Funny Hamsters At PetSmart

  1. It’s not funny it’s sad these kind of places are over crowding animals and even whacking them to death if they can’t sell them and I’m not just saying this to make u feel bad I’m saying it because they are mistreating defenseless animals just watch a peta video and you’ll understand

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