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We haven’t made a maze for the girls in a while. If you haven’t checked out our last maze video, check it out here:

This is a simple DIY you can do for your own guinea pigs, just remember to recycle your bottles in the end. Which one of your guinea pigs would enjoy this maze the most? Leave it in the comments below!

Check out our liners, they’re perfect for catching accidental splashes in case you want to try out this challenge:
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Guinea Pig Bottle Maze Challenge | GuineaDad

10 thoughts on “Guinea Pig Bottle Maze Challenge | GuineaDad

  1. This video is too cute. I use to have a piggie named Peanut. Love how she just knocks the bottles over.

  2. I love the little subtitles above them ! It’s so cute how they be living their life! And tofu is a mater of jumpiest

  3. Who else heard the guy deep breathing like a creep everytime the guinea pig jumped or knocked a bottle over

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