Hamsters Stuffing GIANT Foods In Their Cheeks | The Dodo

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Watch these hamsters stuff carrots, lettuce, granola bars and much more in their cheeks!

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10 thoughts on “Hamsters Stuffing GIANT Foods In Their Cheeks | The Dodo

  1. This is me at the last buffet breakfast at the Waldorf Hotel in London before my parents flew home and I was cast out into the world alone age ( just) 18. Two months of backpacking in winter lay ahead ( no free rooftops to sleep on) on a budget of $50 a day. ‘ Character building’ it was called in those days ( the 80’s).
    Needless to say I stuffed the pockets of my cashmere overcoat and stepped out into the big wide world.
    ( and had a blast- actually gained 5 kilo’s).

  2. Its cute seeing them make their hoard, but not cute when a human has a hoard. A lot of crazy videos on YouTube about that

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