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Hello everybody! Today’s video is all about hamsters VS guinea pigs as pets! I sum up the pros and cons of both and even share which one I prefer right at the end (kind of!)

Let me know of any other main differences which you’ve noticed that I might of missed out but please remember that a big part of this video is based on opinion! Your feelings may be different & that’s okay 馃檪

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HAMSTERS VS GUINEA PIGS | Hamster HorsesandCats

10 thoughts on “HAMSTERS VS GUINEA PIGS | Hamster HorsesandCats

  1. Hamsters and Guinea Pigs are actually a lot different. Getting a Guinea Pig is more comparable to getting a bunny.

  2. Umm… hamster owner here the bare minimum in the UK is around 490 inches and in the United States it's 450 inches for a hamster to safely live in with room for enrichment and proper exercise … Anything smaller isn't suitable

  3. Ill go for hamster just because im a lazy person i tend to play games a lot and forget about my pet.Having a pet hamster is good for people that are rather busy or lazy and are looking for cheap pets

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