My Thoughts on PetSmart’s NEW Hamster Cages

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PetSmart has rebranded from “All Livings Things” now to “Full Cheeks” and has since brought out 3 new hamster cages so I give you my thoughts and opinions on them! Turn on subtitles if you need cm translations!

If you want a larger and cheaper cage option check out some of these!
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0:00 intro
1:58 1st cage
7:13 2nd cage
10:17 3rd cage
12:19 Final thoughts
16:25 Outro

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My Thoughts on PetSmart’s NEW Hamster Cages

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts on PetSmart’s NEW Hamster Cages

  1. I had the first cage, it sucked I had to clean the top and it was really frustrating to clean. I think that the cage is the reason why I got rid of my hamster.

  2. I really hope you do see this comment I am getting a hamster and going on vacation 1 month after can I please have some tips?

  3. Hi Victoria! I just want to say you helped me with my hamsters sooooo much. Just one example of that is I got pumpkin a new 12 inch wheel for my birthday (before she had a 9 inch one!) so thanks 😁💗

  4. Hello first of thanks for respponding on m'y first comment i resently upgraded m'y enclosure not thé box itself but in thé siège where cupcake m'y syrian hamster Can walk. In others words i buyed another box and filled it whit some Hugh enriched dirt thén i put much like VERY MUCH catgrass seeds in m'y manuel hamster like czts and others animals like tho snack on this type of grass ! I build a tunnel so that i Can connect it tho thé base enclosure i just have tho figure out how tho Build a Dior in thé tunnel so thzt if cupcacke ate ALMOST thé entière grass that i Can block thé entry and let thé grass gros egain its like another biome awesome right? And i have another Idea for thé future i will replace cupcackes sandbath tho Build another similar TIPE of boxbiome and instead for grass it will je DESERT biome and all thé peed sand i will replace it whit clean Sand COOL RIGHT but thé money IS thé ONLY problème thzt will keep for a wile m'y désert biome Idea 🙁 but i WANTED tho share it so thzt mabye you Can use m'y Idea 😉

  5. Oh and tho all hamster personne that want tho get one in thé future please think FIRST about your hamster THEN look for thé propre cage if you dont find a good one thén do as i do buy thé biggest box whit thé biggest hight and floor Space as possible wotch all Victoria hamster vidéos thzt have to do whit enclosures and try tho make it as similar as possible or build your own enclosure

  6. Call to action: if you think, like me, that these sizes are terrible, please write or call stores like these and ask them to do better. I just looked at their website and saw ridiculously cages for guinea pigs and rabbits as well. But these enclosures are so sad and unhealthy for these animals.

  7. Pet Smart just wasted their time and energy making these cages. We're better off with bin cages. 🙂

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