My Very Cute Hamsters ♥️♥️

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My Very Cute Hamsters ♥️♥️

When it’s cleaning day my two cute little hamsters are placed into a small glass tank while their cage is cleaned and the bedding is replaced.

This is an ideal time to watch and play with my hamsters and as you can see the glass tank is ideal for filming these beautiful hamsters.

When they are in the temporary glass tank these hamsters can be checked over, I can watch their behavior and check out for any injuries or illness or behavior changes that may be affecting my hamsters.

The glass tank is a small fish tank and allows me to watch them closely and film them together without them running out of camera shot and not have the bars between the camera lens and the hamsters.

If you want to film your hamsters up close, consider getting a small glass fish tank, it’s a great way to get up close and personal to your hamsters without them running out of shot.

I love my cute hamsters and its a great way to see them play.

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