Neglected Winter White Hamster | Lucy’s Rescue Story | Munchie’s Place

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Welcome back to my Rescue’s intake stories where I run a small foster based rescue for hamsters/gerbils/mice. This story is about a rescue and not a surrender where we had to go and take this animal out of a bad situation when being listed online. Upon first glance at the ad we saw nothing wrong with the hamsters health and overlooked it. But thanks to our volunteers, we discovered this animal needed our help the most. We are happy to have stepped in for this poor hamster. This is Lucy’s story.

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Neglected Winter White Hamster | Lucy’s Rescue Story | Munchie’s Place

10 thoughts on “Neglected Winter White Hamster | Lucy’s Rescue Story | Munchie’s Place

  1. Im hoping someone could help me with something. I'm having a bar chewing problem with my hamster at the moment. She just wont stop! She has like 30 different chews, hides, and tunnels/playthings in her cage. And has recently been upgraded from an around 650 square inch cage to a around 950 square inch cage (a bin cage) yet she still chews the plastic to the degree where she is eating huge amounts of it and swings off of the top bars because she is so addicted to it. It keeps me awake, and as a student in college I cant be staying up all night every night just to listen to the grinding of teeth on metal and plastic, she just does nothing else. I'm honestly running out of ideas, I cant get a tank as it will be too tall and heavy for the space I have, and my parents hate that she isnt in a pet store cage anyway so I honestly have run out of ideas. If anyone can offer anything I'd be so thankful of a nights rest…

  2. Speaking of pets store giving bad advice. I recently talked to someone that was having aggression issues with their 3 goldfish so I asked for the tank size.20 LITRES!!! As recommended by the pet store employee 😤😡

  3. Poor Lucy, the fact she was so dehydrated makes me wonder if they were using the bottle cap as a dish😱. I’m so glad she’s being shown love and care now.

  4. I just got a beautiful roborovski hamster her name is pickle and she is my life. I could not imagine someone treating these beautiful creatures badly.

  5. That is so incredibly sad. Honestly it sounds to me like someone who views the hamster like a wild rodent, so to them a pest, and treats them accordingly. Which is of course completely incorrect but I've met people like this unfortunately. I wonder if thier child was given the hamster by someone else. I don't understand, how anyone could treat an animal this, even if you don't like the animal it is an innocent creature that can't fend for itself and is reliant on your caring for it appropriately. I admit I'm deathly afraid of snakes but if my son got a pet snake i would still ensure it has all the care it needs. People like this make me sick.

  6. Who starves and dehydrates and animal, only to then stick human medication in there for it??? The poor thing if it was hungry would like that awful medicine residue, and hamsters are so small just the tiny bit of dust left could probably be super deadly.

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