NEW Hamster Cage Set ups!

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Today we redo the hamster cages to add some of the new NiteAngel products we got the other day!

Here is everything in the hamster cages:
Mabel’s Enclosure:
DIY 2ft by 4ft by 2ft cage
Silent runner 12″:
Full Cheeks paper bedding:
Mystery shack:
Chamber hide:
Watch Box:
Cardboard tunnels:
Wavy Corner platform:
Corner sand bath:
Wavy ladders:
Coco chips:
Aspen & Beech substrate:
Cork granules small:
Forest moss:
Aspen & cork substrate:
Grapevine Wood:
Cork log:

Dipper’s Enclosure:
DIY 2ft by 4ft by 2ft cage
NiteAngel Wooden Wheel 11″:
Full cheeks paper bedding:
Chamber hide:
Large corner hide:
Wavy platform:
Wavy ladders:
Coco Peat:
Aspen & apple substrate:
Birch hide:
Cork granules small:
Brown Ceramic hides:
Fuji Bowls:

Waddle’s Enclosure:
Linnmon DIY 39″ x 22″ x 18″
11″ Wodent wheel:
Full cheeks bedding:
3 chamber maze hide:
Acrylic sand bath:
Wavy Corner platform:
Hideout bridge:
Wooden ladder bridge:
Underground tunnel:
Cardboard hide:
Fuji Bowls:
Aspen & cork substrate:
Cork granules big:

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NEW Hamster Cage Set ups!

10 thoughts on “NEW Hamster Cage Set ups!

  1. This video was soooo cute! Thank you so much for showing us your hamsters!

  2. Can you do a vid on hamster being diabetic I’m starting to think my hamster has diabetes and would love some advice …..🐹

  3. They are so cute! You did a great job reorganising and cleaning their enclosures!

  4. Idk if anyone can help, but I haven’t had a hamster in a while. Just got 2 (separate cages). Now I’m having a complete brain fart… How often do I give them lab blocks? Whenever I add some in, they obviously disappear ASAP. How do I know when to give more unless I’m always digging up his enclosure?

    I do scatter feed every night to every other night. But that’s seed mix.

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