Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges

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Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges
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Eight hamsters accept a strange invitation to compete in children’s games for an unbelievable prize. Will all the hamsters survive? Let’s find out in Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges.

0:00 Intro
0:23 Red light green light
2:31 Honeycomb
4:20 Marbles
6:48 Tug-of-War
10:05 Glass bridge
12:13 Squid Game

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We’re Hamsterious!!
Have you even seen any movies about prisoners escaping? This is NOT human prisoner, this is hamster prisoner. Get ready for a daring escape challenge, as we follow the antics of these determined little critters. They must find each other in order to make an epic prison break!
It is time to watch some courageous hamsters explore their most cunning plans: sneaking out and scouring every inch of this massive place looking for that one special friend…

#Hamsterious #HamsterEscape #SquidGame

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Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges

10 thoughts on “Squid Game vs Hamsterious: All Amazing Challenges

  1. If you love smart and adorable hamsters overcome challenges. Please click here: https://youtu.be/1C7mV8jMVKw

  2. The glass bridge part it Literally animal abuse and I’m not here to be a Karen it’s the truth

  3. so im onwer of three hamsters and in my opinion this is just disgusting. imagine that we are those hamsters and hamsters are us. you would be crying. my youngest sister whatces these videos and my parents lets her watch them. i used to watch this kind of videos too many years ago and then i realised how fucking awful thing this is. like who fucking wants views anymore with hamsters !? no one ever fucking should treat animals like this. those hamsters DONT FUCKING like being there. if you want money so bad get a job and stop making little kids think that this is okay. THIS IS NOT OKAY. those hamsters didnt do anything wrong to anyone. this should be illegal. i have talked. and why hamsters cant just be like dogs and cats. we live in this planet together.

    i love being dramatic and im justa Finnish kid


  4. Call me crazy, but 101 is either pregnant, or has already recently had babies, she has nipples for her babies to feed off of, that just makes this all even worse.. 9:50 you can clearly see her nipples.

  5. As I've been learning at school, this is is extremely hazardous and bad for mice, rats and they can get hurt, they don't have great eyesight, and fragile

  6. Please do not treat hamsters like this.
    They can get very hurt and possibly break their bones,
    This is abuse and please do now do it again. My friend
    Got a severe headache from this, be careful with hamsters.

  7. As we speak PETA is hiring a hit man to kidnap you so they can put you in the squid games because killing you would be to nice for a hamster abuser

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