Two Hamsters in a Tiny Playground

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What’s cuter than a hamster in a tiny playground? Two tiny hamsters in a tiny playground! Check out Dumptruck and Porkchop as they swing, slide and go all crazy pants in the sandbox. The playground has been named “The Chicken Memorial Playground” in honour of my very first hamster. Chicken, you will always be remembered and loved.

Music is royalty free from Digital Juice.

For any licensing inquiries please feel free to message me through Youtube.

Check out my tutorial on how to make a playground for your hamster.

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Two Hamsters in a Tiny Playground

10 thoughts on “Two Hamsters in a Tiny Playground

  1. So cute! I was so happy and entertained since the second the video started. Those hamsters were just like so cute! Especially when two hamsters are together!🐹

    Hammies rule!

  2. i like hamsters but they don't like me back

    I'm more of a cat person, they inmediatly fall in love with me as i do :3

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