10 thoughts on “Two Hamsters One Wheel

  1. Me and my sisters hamsters did this we would let them in my cage one would race to the wheel the other would race over go under my sisters hamster and push it off then my sisters hamster would do the same then I had an idea I put them at the back of the cage hold both of them then let go and they would race over to the wheel I did that a bit then I thought hmm they should take turns I wold take my sisters hamster and put it with her then my hamster could run it did the same but with my sisters hamster it was cute now let me tell you a story children: so one day I got my DOG out with my hamsters she’s blind and kind once I took the risk and let my dog sniff my hamster she did not bite or anything mean like that she just sniffed her ok ok my story so we where useing a cardboard castle my sisters hamster e+spaced but mine was good and did not exasperated my dog was the HERO!! she sniffed my sister hamster it was under the couch we got her but it was scary oh no this comment is way to long welllllllllllllllllllllllllll bbbbbbbbbyyyyyeeee

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