What do Hamsters like?

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Do hamsters like to hide?
Do hamsters like to have friends?
Do hamsters like to run?
Do hamsters like to sleep?
Do hamsters like to eat?
Do hamsters like to climb?
Do hamsters like to play?
Do hamsters like to dance?

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What do Hamsters like?

7 thoughts on “What do Hamsters like?

  1. actually hamsters usually don't like other hamsters. Only certain breeds do.

    By no means should you house more than one hamster in a cage. Hamsters do not like the companionship of other hamsters. Not only will they fight, but hamsters have been known to engage in cannibalism. For the safety of your hamster, keep him in his own cage.


  2. I'm gonna get a hamster now. Any way hamsters don't like friends they have territories. They can only be together when they are younger then than 8 weeks.

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