What To Do If You Drop Your Hamster

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In today’s video we talk about what to do if you drop your hamster, how to spot signs of injury and how to prevent your pet getting hurt!

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What To Do If You Drop Your Hamster

10 thoughts on “What To Do If You Drop Your Hamster

  1. I just dropped mine. I mean he did pause a bit but went back to normal as if nothing happens. I do hope there aren't any hidden injuries tho 🙁

  2. My hamster jumped from my hand then the hamster freezed and I thought it was r.i.p but not he again started walking

  3. I named my hamster Beetle (don’t ask 😂) and she felt out if my hand ones but i have good reflexes so she fell on my hand instead of the floor shes fine now but i was so sad and and guilty

  4. I accidentally dropped mine and it had babies a couples days later (today) and I feel so badddddd. I didn't know it was pregnant I got the hamsters from a rescue and they told me they were brothers and now I have a bunch of baby hamsters so I been doing a lot of research.

  5. My young russian dwarf hamster jumped out of my hand from like 4 feet up onto the hardwood floor and i literally thought she was gonna be dead but she wasnt, i put her back in her cage and she was running around just fine but im still super concerned so im taking her to the vet tomorrow (its closed today) i literally want to shoot myself in the head, im so worried incase she did get hurt… ofcourse this had to happen on a sunday when the vet is closed ughhh my poor baby 🙁

  6. i dropped my hamster 2 times in a row today 🙁 I think she's mad at me since this is the first day and…i freaked out. She hates me now

  7. So i need some help. My brother just dropped his hamster and it was on the ground still and started making crying noises and then he got up and his arm was like stuck in place and he was limping and then he started running really fast and crazy and was freaking out and I need help… if anybody can help me then that will be great…

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