When Tiny Hamster Babies See a Big Wheel For The First Time…

Funny Hamsters Video Information:

Tiny baby hamsters seeing a big hamster wheel for the first time
What will they do?

I have also made a playground
Will they like it?

Paprika x Pineapple 2108 hamster babies
Episode 5

I hope you have a relaxing and joyful time here watching cute and funny moments of my little buddies (featuring Mr Pineapple, Mrs Paprika and her babies – Syrian Hamsters).

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When Tiny Hamster Babies See a Big Wheel For The First Time…

10 thoughts on “When Tiny Hamster Babies See a Big Wheel For The First Time…

  1. Separating baby hamsters (EP6): https://youtu.be/_ZNM8F9vi8w

    These babies will go to good homes, I am trying to get them well handled before that 🐹

    P.S. Miso's 1st birthday video coming soon ❤️

  2. Extremely Cute Cuddly hammies!! but is a 8 in hamster wheel good enough? Im just trying to find something cheap

  3. Does anyone know what the oatmeal looking stuff is in the big spoon she feeds them is??? I have 2 dwarf hamsters that are 6 months old and I don't know what that is??

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