Why Hamsters Hate Hamster Balls! ⚠️🐹😳

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Why Hamsters Hate Hamster Balls! ⚠️🐹😳

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Why Hamsters Hate Hamster Balls! ⚠️🐹😳

8 thoughts on “Why Hamsters Hate Hamster Balls! ⚠️🐹😳

  1. Here are the reasons why they are not safe in more detail:
    •Their toes can get stuck in the ventilation slits, breaking them.
    •They don't have enough ventilation.
    •The hamster can't stop the ball, and it can crash into walls, hurting them.
    •Hamster balls cause disorientation and stress.
    •Most hamster balls are too small.
    •Hamster balls can cause infections from urine and faeces build up.
    •They trap heat.
    There are many other reasons, but these are the main problems!
    •The lids can fall off easily, making it easy for them to escape and get lost!

  2. I'd like to add that a lot have quite bad lids which fall off easily so the area which the ball is allowed to be free roamed it would need to be hamster proofed anyways so that defeats much of the point of a ball & the balls have limited ventilation.

  3. Love this!! It's scary to show what your care used to be like ( which I did on Instagram) but it's really important to show people that it's ok to have had bad care, as long as you've improved!

  4. hey! i'm just wondering where you got your wheel from? I've recently upgraded my hamsters cage and I need a bigger wheel, but I can't find one anywhere ;-;

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